About Us

Experience & Success


A passion for leadership and value-add impact Todd Burtron founded Conrad Advisory Group as a means to share his 25 + years of local government and leadership experience with other organizations.    For the past 10yrs Todd has, and continues to, lead the transformation of one of Indiana's fastest growing and most progressive communities.  With a proven track record of success he understands what it takes to create value in making a community where people choose to invest their lives, families and businesses. 

 Leadership is the key to the success of any organization and  Todd has a deep resume of leadership experience ranging from public safety to senior municipal executive.  Todd's educational background includes an Executive Certificate in Public Leadership from Harvard Kennedy School, Master's degree in Management & Leadership, Bachelor's degree Business Management, Associate's degree Public Safety and is a Certified Public Supervisor; and he is ready to share his experience with your organization. 

Our Approach


We help you and your team lead the way with our service minded approach that includes a comprehensive relationship to help identify gaps and opportunities.  With you we will customize a strategy based on your feedback that embraces the elements unique to your community and/or organization.   We believe in being your partner by being thoughtful about the outcome desired. 

Why Us?


Leadership, Relationship, Experience, Affordable. These four elements distinguish Conrad Advisory Group from so many others.